Saturday, October 30, 2010

Living with the mystery.

If you ask me how much Abby can see I don't think I can give a clear answer.  I know that anything with detail she needs to have right up to her face but she says she can see all these other things and i think  she sees a color smugs (I think I was the green smug with smugy glasses today) and figures out what they are and counts that as seeing something. Thats just a guess though.

She has one eye right now that is better then the other.  She is six I know what she can't see.  It took her a few times today to dip her cracker in cheese but she says she can see the other girls run around. (I guess they were short mulitcolor smuges again my guess) I think its going to take time for Abby and I to be on the same page with understanding what she is seieng.

One thing is for sure is she likes to act like a typical sighted kid. She would rather someone believe she can see something even if she can't.

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