Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beep Kickball is awesome.

Recently the kids and I had a chance to attend a Beep Kickball Clinic put on by the New Hampshire Association for the Blind. All I knew about the game was its an accessible version of the game kickball.
Beepball game
There are other games that are designed to put blind players on a equal playing field with sighted players
There is also Beepball and Goalball.

Abby getting ready to kick
Beep Kickball was created to be more kid and family friendly.  Its a super fun game.  Abby had a blast learning & playing the game but I think Sam may have had more fun. It wasn't fun because its a blind person game it was fun because it was a fun game.

There is lots of information on the the Beep Kickball Association website at .
Abby running
You can buy equipment and read the official rules.

 Here are the very basic rules....

There are  kicker and outfielders. The number of outfitters really depends on the amount of players.  You could have a fun causal family game with one outfielder. Whats great about this game is both the kickers and the outfielders have fun.

Sam got the ball
Sam getting ready to kick.
There are two bases that independently make sound (only one makes a sound when the kicker kicks the ball)

The kicker and the outfielders are blindfolded.  The kicker kicks the ball. Someone activate one of the bases to make sound and the kicker runs to the sound of the base.(the kicker only runs to one base and they don't know which one till the sound is going) The kickball is also beeping and the outfielder find the ball. When they find the ball they raise it up.  If they raise it before the kicker get to the base the kicker is out.  If the kicker makes it to the base before the ball is found the kicker is safe.   Its really that simple.

The official Beep Kickball is $140. The ball is very well made.  I imagine if someone was really creative they could put some kind of beeper in a ball and play that way.  I personally think the official ball is great and worth the investment.

For bases there are a few options. You can buy/use official beepball bases.  Which are about $300 dollars. Which can be bought here

Sam next to a base. 
Also the Beep Kickball  website offers an option for inflatable bases for a $110 for the pair.

They also recommend as a lower cost option  hand held buzzers in a box which they sell for $20 dollars each on the Beep Kickball website

I really think beeping frisbee which you can find at different stores around 15 dollars may work also.

They also say you could simply have someone clap and be the base and thats free.

close up of Sam holding ball
For the blindfolds/sleepshades you can get them from different sources.  Mindfold is a great brand but you can user cheaper ones. You can even find them sometimes in the dollar store.  You could also use bandanas.


Anonymous said...

May 19th, 2013

Awesome, that looks like a
lot of fun!

Have a fun day!
friend, Shayla

Jessica said...

Hope you guys had fun!