Friday, May 3, 2013

Perkins SMART Brailler: School's Turn

All this week Abby brought the Perkins SMART Brailler to school.  We had this really cool backpack from Perkins Products.  Its a backpack for ALL Perkins Braillers. Its not just for the SMART Brailler or just the next generation Perkins Braillers, it fits all Perkins Braillers even the classic ones. How cool is that. 
Abby taking the Perkins Smart Brailler at school
She didn't get as much time with it as she would like. She did a lot work this week on  her braille display and iPad at school instead. She did try to use it every day. She did spend some time showing the features off with her TVI (teacher for the blind/visually impaired).  She was always very excited to bring it to school and I always gave her the option to keep it at home and she always wanted to bring it.

 Back to the cool Perkins Products brailler backpack. Remember Perkins Braillers are heavy  but the backpack has features that work with the weight as much as possible. The backpack is so awesome.   Its very well built and its VERY durable.    I really recommend the back pack for any perkins brailler user.  There have been many times we have transported a brailler that we would have loved a secure and durable bag like this.

Our time with the Perkins SMART brailler is almost over and we will be boxing it up and sending it off to its new host family soon.  We may only have one or two more blogs.

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