Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Abby and Television.

Abby has always has always been a big television watcher  (Sam is the same way but he uses the computer like Abby watches the tv) I had thought that perhaps her television viewing would not be as frequent.  (yes bad mommy alert I let my children watch TV)
Abby watching Arthur on TV
Do you know that Abby is able to have extra descriptions on many of the shows she likes to watch. Many  PBS stations including WGBH broadcasts a lot of its children's programming in DVS (Descriptive Video Service)  Think of it like closed captioning for the blind. Instead of words on the bottom of the screen its extra audio that says whats on the screen.  The issue is the channel need to broadcast it (NHPTV doesn't due to funding)  and you need equipment to get the extra signal (Comcast Digital Television has it as an option under audio setting for the cable box)  There is also DVDs that offer it as a setting (bonus!!).  

Its so easy to assume Abby sees everything on the screen. She has some vision right? She actually misses a LOT of whats on the screen. We went to the movies a few weeks ago and Abby missed some key features of the story.  Its amazing what you miss when you can't see everything.  We have only been aware of DVS for a short time and Abby LOVES it.  Its such a great service and i hope it is able to grow more.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last week of School

School is almost finished here.  The last day is Thursday.  What a huge year this has been for Abby.  She started the year with some strange mystery vision problem and is ending it as a reader. She has had such a great education TEAM.  She has some great members of her team.  I wanted to take some time someone special right  now. 
Abby with Mrs Alberici
She has also had a very special assistant Pam Alberici in the morning. Pam delted with Abby sour mood, helped get her focused in learning, worked with her amazing TVI to help Abby advance in her braille reading.

Abby has had a really good year academically regardless of all her challenges dealing with her vision.  Pam and other members of her team have a lot to do with Abby's success.  What she has learned this year will have life long benefits. So I want to take some time and thank Mrs Alberici.  Thank you.  Thank you ever so much. There is nothing I can do to express my personal thanks.  I know you had a huge impact on Abby and she is very found of you.

Sharing a Link

Abby was feature on the 20/20 Vision Quest blog by Randy Pierce.

Randy is a great guy and I am so glad to had the chance to get to know him, his amazing guide dog Quinn and his wife Tracy.  Find out how Randy is a huge inspiration by what he has done.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Uno Time..

Abby has taken a liking to playing Uno. A few weeks back I spent a day putting braille on a set o Uno cards.
Perkins Brailler with Uno cards
There are places you can buy Uno cards with braille already on them already but it was fun to add the braille myself.  Abby has really enjoyed playing Uno. She wants to play every single day and has beaten all of us at least once. Sam doesn't like playing with her because she always beats him.  She can actually see a lot of the cards because they are large and bold but she uses the braille when she is isn't sure. I am hoping to modify other games for Abby. She loves it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Team Abby ROCKS!!

This past Saturday the New Hampshire Association for Blind's Blind Awareness Walk was help. Our team "Team Abby" did great. We estimate our amount raised was $3506 (we haven't gotten an official number yet) We even got the award top fundraising individual team. I am so proud. I named the team "Team Abby" because from the very start so many people have worked as a team to get Abby what she needed this past year (teachers, doctors, family and friends).    Team Abby Rocks.
Team Abby group picture in front of NH capital building

Friday, June 3, 2011