Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Uno Time..

Abby has taken a liking to playing Uno. A few weeks back I spent a day putting braille on a set o Uno cards.
Perkins Brailler with Uno cards
There are places you can buy Uno cards with braille already on them already but it was fun to add the braille myself.  Abby has really enjoyed playing Uno. She wants to play every single day and has beaten all of us at least once. Sam doesn't like playing with her because she always beats him.  She can actually see a lot of the cards because they are large and bold but she uses the braille when she is isn't sure. I am hoping to modify other games for Abby. She loves it.

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Ksenia said...

I don't know how to play Uno, but it looks like fun! Go, Abby!!!
Penny, you are such an awesome mom! :)