Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fun and Motion

Abby has always been an active child. She was an early walker. She has always loved the out side and  just loves to keep moving.  This didn't stop when Abby become blind.   Abby actually learned to ride a bike without training wheels the summer she was losing her sight. (we had no idea at the time).  That's just how Abby's rolls.  This past few months have busy and  very active for Abby. Her dad has a lot to do with that. She is a lucky girl. I realized an important truth when it comes to Abby and activities. Only SHE know what she can or can't do. Sometimes she just needs to try. Here are some of the highlights of some her her favorite things the last 6 months.

This past summer she started kayaking. She loves it. She is a great partner for her dad.  I am sure in the not so distant future she will be ready for a kayak of her own.

Abby also played soccer this year with our local recreation department.  She did have times when she got nervous on the field when she couldn't see her team mates and lost track of the game. She did  love being part of a team.  She was great soccer player before she was blind and it was wonderful to see that while she couldn't see the ball she could still do pretty awesome   
Abby on the soccer field
Abby also ran her first 5k this fall with her dad in October.  It was a great first running experience and I am sure she will do it again. I hope to get a chance to do my 5k this year and I hope Abby joins me.
Abby right after her first 5k
 Abby has loved ice skating since she was 4. Ice Skating isn't an activity she has much issues doing at all unless she is in a big group. Last year there was no good outside ice skating weather at all.  This year she was able to go out a few times.
Abby ice skating
 A few weeks ago she went skiing for the very first time and LOVED it. She just has that personality where she loves to try new things.  The instructors at the ski area said she was a very fast learner. She is going skiing her her dad today. She has the bug. 
Abby skiing. 
 Abby has started to do after school activities.  She did Jump Rope Club this year. She has done it before and she enjoyed it. Its just a few weeks long but its lots of fun. She also joined her school dance crew.She worked so hard and they just had their first dance performance last week and she did great. She did a great job.  There was in a large group on the stage and she did wonderful. She did  great with all the moves.  I was able to find a clip that didn't include the other kids. Its posted it below. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hooray for Braille: Braille Challenge 2013

Abby  participated on Saturday March 2nd in the 2013 New England Regional Braille Challenge that took place at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton Ma.

Abby giggling at the Braille Challenge
The Braille Challenge is a national competition of school age children (grades 1-12) that tests the areas of  reading, writing and spelling of braille. There is regional competitions all over the country and in July the final event that includes all the finalist in the country. (ie the best of the best)  It is run by the Braille Institute.
To find out more information
Abby in one of the test rooms 

This was Abby's first year competing,  Abby and I have been practicing for a few weeks.  There is sample questions available and her TVI embossed them in paper for us.  We also went over the rules so she could be as prepared as possible. Abby competed  at the apprentice level this year. This year our goal was for her to get her feet wet so she could be even more prepared for next year. I couldn't go with her because I just had surgery.This was really hard for me but she got a special day for her and daddy.

Two more pictures of Abby in the room
When she was finished she was hard on her self and how she did but was still excited she was able to take part.   She said spelling was the easiest.   During the awards Abby was so excited to hear she got SECOND place in her division.  She was very proud.  It was so wonderful to be at any event that celebrates braille like this. I am so proud of Abby.  She has worked so hard these past few years.  Its really starting to pay off. Bravo Abby.  Happy Tears.
Abby getting second place in her division