Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hooray for Braille: Braille Challenge 2013

Abby  participated on Saturday March 2nd in the 2013 New England Regional Braille Challenge that took place at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton Ma.

Abby giggling at the Braille Challenge
The Braille Challenge is a national competition of school age children (grades 1-12) that tests the areas of  reading, writing and spelling of braille. There is regional competitions all over the country and in July the final event that includes all the finalist in the country. (ie the best of the best)  It is run by the Braille Institute.
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Abby in one of the test rooms 

This was Abby's first year competing,  Abby and I have been practicing for a few weeks.  There is sample questions available and her TVI embossed them in paper for us.  We also went over the rules so she could be as prepared as possible. Abby competed  at the apprentice level this year. This year our goal was for her to get her feet wet so she could be even more prepared for next year. I couldn't go with her because I just had surgery.This was really hard for me but she got a special day for her and daddy.

Two more pictures of Abby in the room
When she was finished she was hard on her self and how she did but was still excited she was able to take part.   She said spelling was the easiest.   During the awards Abby was so excited to hear she got SECOND place in her division.  She was very proud.  It was so wonderful to be at any event that celebrates braille like this. I am so proud of Abby.  She has worked so hard these past few years.  Its really starting to pay off. Bravo Abby.  Happy Tears.
Abby getting second place in her division


Anonymous said...


Congradulations Abby girl. You have really come a long way in the last several years!!

friend, Shayla

jennohara said...

Awesome, Abby!! Proud moment for sure :)

Jessica said...

Congratulations Abby! You are a superstar.