Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Convention Highlights: NOPBC Kid Panel

Abby spoke on the Kid Panel at the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children's annual meeting at the NFB national convention.

She worked hard writing what she said and rewriting it. She wrote it all in braille so she could read it. She practiced it over and over again and put a lot of thought in what she said. I am really proud of the work she did.  FYI  when she says what she wants to be when she grows up she says (since its hard to hear) A Race Car Driver, a Engineer, and a Princess.

Three kids who were on the panel
Part 1 - Julia who is in 6th grade. She is small for her age and that is what she is talking about in the beginning.  It was a well written speech for a child so her age. The beginning is cut for privacy.

Part 2 which includes Abby and Hank  . Hank is blind child whose parents had to go to court to get him braille. This still happends this day and age and it happens more often than people think. 

Back from the NFB Convention

Abby and I just got back from the national convention of the National Federation of the Blind. It was in Dallas Texas for 7 days and it was a great week.. We are still recovering.  

I have more stuff to write about that will fit in one post.  So look for a series of post about convention. 

Some of the highlights to look out for is 

NOPBC Style Show

The NOPBC Kid Panel that included Abby

Highlights from the NOPBC conference for parents. 

NFB General Sessions 

Fun with Friends

The Braille Book Fair and Braille Literacy

New Resources
Abby on the exhibit floor