Monday, August 26, 2013

Adventures in Boston: Museum of Science

This is the second part of our Boston adventure a few weeks ago. (Part 1). We spent the morning at National Braille Press and made our way to the Museum of Science for lunch and than explore the museum. This museum is one of my favorite places in Boston.  I have been visiting it since I was a kid myself. One of my favorite childhood memories was sleeping overnight in the museum.  We used to go the museum a lot when the kids were little (a lot is code for once a year).  We haven't been since Abby became blind. I wish we hadn't waited.

girl withe cane in front of a case with a raccoon.
Abby wanted me to take this picture I forget why but its cute. 

The museum is a great place to bring children of many ages. (toddlers to old folks.) I didn't realize how wonderful an experience it would be for my blind daughter.

There was auto description stations throughout the museum
First off the museum is very accessible.  There are auto description stations throughout the museum. When I say through out I don't mean a FEW places I  mean MOST places where there is print.  There is so much fun things to interact with and and touch.  Oh the food in the cafe is very yummy. They have cool shows. Abby got to see an opossum up close (much closer in than she could get int he wild and its was ALIVE). Its just a great place to visit.  Here is a link about the museum's MANY accessible features.

Here are some of the highlights. (only some, there was so many wonderful exhibits)

1. You can get up close and touch a huge engine.
a really big engine and a father showing his daughter.

2. You can put your brother on a bed of nails.
bed of names one kid on the bed one kid on the side
3. You can build a claw (there are some great  hands on engineering activities that different days. On our day it was build a claw. ) Check out the funny video of me telling Abby how her first claw was doing. (the second time it did pick up some of the items.)
girl with cane and boy building a claw

4.  You can use really big manipulatives to  better understand balance and weight.
 4. You can explore a tactile graphic of a mountain (with braille)
2 diffferent kinds of tactile maps showing the same thing different ways. (3d vs 2d)

5. You can be silly when you see a big bug.
boy reacts with humor of a big bug

6. You can push a really big block of stone using science. 

girl pushing handle dad pointing at large stone attached to handle.
 7. You can make new friends.
girl with cane in front of a Triceratopsboy in front of a Triceratops

 8. You can put the whole world in your hands and have a blast.
girl and boy in front of a large globe.
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Amber Bobnar said...

You were in Boston and didn't stop by to say hi? Next time you're in town (if you have time) let me know! :)

Penny said...

ok Amber I promise lol