Monday, August 26, 2013

Vote for Abby: Help bring Marty the Smart Brailler home.

Remember when we had Marty the Smart Brailler came for a visit in the spring? (our Marty posts in April) Well he visited 6 different families during him tour.  One of those families will win Marty to own. All the families are very deserving. Help us bring Marty home.   You can vote every day till September 8th (so two weeks)  please consider supporting Abby.

So I know you are asking How do I vote?  Just visit the voting site at Wonderbaby and pick Duffy Family ---> Vote--->  

You can re-vote every 24 hours.  Vote and vote often. 

Abby using the smart brailler (its blue she is wearing a white shirt)

To find out more about the Perkins Smart Brailler visit

Thank you everyone for your support.