Monday, June 20, 2011

Last week of School

School is almost finished here.  The last day is Thursday.  What a huge year this has been for Abby.  She started the year with some strange mystery vision problem and is ending it as a reader. She has had such a great education TEAM.  She has some great members of her team.  I wanted to take some time someone special right  now. 
Abby with Mrs Alberici
She has also had a very special assistant Pam Alberici in the morning. Pam delted with Abby sour mood, helped get her focused in learning, worked with her amazing TVI to help Abby advance in her braille reading.

Abby has had a really good year academically regardless of all her challenges dealing with her vision.  Pam and other members of her team have a lot to do with Abby's success.  What she has learned this year will have life long benefits. So I want to take some time and thank Mrs Alberici.  Thank you.  Thank you ever so much. There is nothing I can do to express my personal thanks.  I know you had a huge impact on Abby and she is very found of you.

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pam said...

Thank you for your kind words! It has been a pleasure working with Abby, and I suspect that she has taught me much more than I taught her!