Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Abby's sees.

If you see Abby on the playground you may not realize she has a vision problem.  She runs around and plays with her friends with no problem at all.  One thing thats frustrating for her is unless her friend is really close to her  she can't tell where her friend is in a crowd.

In the classroom she struggles a lot. She can't see the board or anything on the wall (text and pictures)  unless she is up close.  She needs her work sheets  made a lot larger to be able to see them. She can't see the text in most books.  Its frustrating because Abby right at the stage she is finally getting her literacy skills. She has a hard time seeing what she is writing. She tries to not complain but it good about asking for help when she really needs to.

 At home her shoes could be a foot from her and she may not see them on the floor, even when the location is pointed out to her.  When she watches TV (and Abby love her TV) she sit right in front of the TV with her face inches from the screen.  She cant' recognize picture of herself on my laptop. Her smaller toys she needs to have put right up to her face to see.   If she is looking at you she may look at your a little to the side. Taking a picture it takes a few tires to get her to look at the direction of the camera. She is still very independent. She can go to room to with without any problems.

 I gave the school a paper from her eye doctor last week said  that her vision was worse then 20/500 in both eyes. Its alarming.  There are other test Abby will be having in the future including a field of vision test.  Abby seems to have much better peripheral vision.

Abby's problem can't be helped with glasses. Her problem is not a refraction  problem (ie near and far sighted) Her eyes are beautiful, healthy and perfect.

This blog is public.  It not only ok share I welcome it. If its is LHON as I suspect it is I want this blog to be supportive to other parents and I also want to raise awareness to a rare disease that may not only affect my family now but in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Penny and Abby, if you need anything please don't hesitate to call me anytime. If you need an ear or a shoulder I am there for you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. love you Jenn Hurrinus