Monday, October 18, 2010

In the eye.

You know how they say its calmer in the eye of a storm?  Thats kinda how I feel.   The last few weeks (and its really only been weeks)  I gone from one step to the next and then review and decide what the next step is.  I then look around at these people all upset and sad about whats going on with Abby.   Abby isn't sad.  Abby isn't' upset.  Abby is just a kid.  She healthy and smart and still has the whole world to conquer.  

Then I look around and notice all the carnage the storm has already caused.  My sweet little baby.  Then the tears start to flow.   Then I look at Abby.

Abby still has a smile on her face and a spring in her step.  She knows its going to be alright.


loonhouse120 said...

That sweet smile gets me every time...

Tricia said...

Ok that makes sense... you create tears again. We are sad, scared and confused. She is ready to live life and I want her to have the best life to live! So let me cry!

I am just kidding Penny, but she is a resilient little girl.