Friday, October 15, 2010


Tuesday we have a meeting with A's school.  They have been so supportive.  They have been two or three steps ahead of us for A's education.  She is so proud of the things they have already done for her. A few days ago she took me to her classroom to show me her big coins and dice.  She even showed me the special spot she has in front of the class to read the board.

There are these things called CCTV video magnifier that I hope the school is going to be able to provide her one to use at school. (a picture of one is here ) Perhaps the school will have a plan we haven't even thought of.  A is such a smart little girl.   I want only the best for her.  I want the world for her.

We want to get her her own computer with a large monitor so she may be able to actually use the computer. There is just so many things.   I am lost but I am sure we will figure it out.  It good there is a lot of things out there that could help her but the scary thing is they all cost  lot of money.

Today I picked up A from school.  She started to cry right when she saw me and had a full blown fit for not real reason.   As I walked to the car trying to calm her down I realized she wasn't upset over the silly thing she was exhausted from keeping a strong face all day at school.  I forgot sometimes this is all hard on her to.

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