Friday, October 15, 2010

The Reward

Today A told me about the reward some members of her classroom had.  A group of  kids in her class were allowed to go in another classroom and watch a "Magic School Bus" episode.  She was so proud to be picked to go but I asked her if they placed her close enough to see the TV.  Sadly they didn't place her close to the TV at all. I am sure they never thought anything of it.  I asked A if she thought to tell someone and she could 'see' any adults in the room.  Its frustrating because I know they would have moved her if they had known.

We are thankfully having our meeting Tuesday with the school and this is getting added to my list of antidotes so they can help her in future.

another note:
 A playing with her small dolls tonight and I noticed how close she held them to her eyes to play with them. On Labor day she played with a very similar sized doll and she didn't do that at all (this is after we first realized there was a problem) so her vision has gotten worse since just then then.

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