Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The excitement of learning.

One of the things I love about being a mother is watching my children learn. I love it when their eye sparkle when they finally understand something.  Sometimes I forget in all this that Abby is six.  She is in first grade.  She is still learning things for the very first time. Basic simple things. (as for learning to read which is a real struggle since she need letting magnified large to see them)

She shared with  me today how she finally tell the difference between a nickel and a quarter. She was so excited.   She showed me how she felt them and noticed how different they were. Abby is learning.  The pride she had is the thing mom's run on.

I showed Abby a coin in the middle of the palm of my hand.  She told me while she could see the hand she didn't see the coin.  Thats remarkable.    She adapting already to experiencing the  world in a whole new way.

I am so proud of Abby and I am sure we will share many years of learning excitement.

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Tricia said...

It will take time, but she is one smart cookie!I can't wait to see her Monday morning!!!!!