Saturday, November 13, 2010

Season of Change.

So much has changed for us in such a short period of time.   Sometimes its the little things. Like Abby using the public bathroom. My sister noted a time she was with her and the stall wasn't that clean.  Abby couldn't see the detail enough to realize it wasn't really clean enough to use.  Something she has done a thousands of times.

Abby is going to be attending a Perkins School for the Blind outreach program in a weekend in December and I have this questionnaire to fill out.  Simple questions if Abby can do this and if she can do that.   I have had to pause so many times this morning and ask myself if I am answering it for Abby now or Abby when she could see.  I think i am going to finish it tomorrow.  When i try to answer for Abby today I just don't know some of the answers.  Looking at the questions (which must be the same for all ages)  I realize there is so many things Abby hasn't done on her own yet (due to age) that she is going to struggle learning. Like cooking.

So I am putting these papers away and are going to finish them later.

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Melanie said...

I wondered if you knew about Perkins. My friend's son went there... he learned alot! I have a friend that worked there years back too! Good for you guys and AWESOME for Abby! I can only imagine how overwhemed you must be. I tried to put myself in your shoes filling out that application... I'd probably photocopy it and answer the questions twice... one before and one after blindness set in... ya, put it away for tomorrow! Go enjoy the sunshine! {{HUGS}}