Saturday, November 6, 2010

Splash of Water in the Face.

Today we went to Walmart.  Abby was very clingy. Much more then she has been and I found myself getting very frustrated with her. She didn't want to just hold my hand she is 6 and was being a kid but a kid that wanted to hold her mother's hand because she can't see a lot of things.   Then there was a moment when Abby couldn't see me and  I was about 5 feet in front of her.  I felt so bad I didn't think right away what I was suppose to do.

How does one learn to be a mommy to a little girl who could see  a few months ago but doesn't really now?  I feel like a horrible mother.  Isn't it suppose to be instinct. I should know just what to do. We have lived our lives a certain way for year and now I need to get know how to be Abby's mother in a whole different way.

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Melanie said...

Penny... you are ANYTHING but a horrible mom! You are on a learning curve too... don't be so hard on yourself! I wonder if you used a specific perfume or had jingle bell earings or something or even just had Abby pushing the cart and you at the front pulling it to where you are going if that would help her. I have a very good friend who has a blind son (plus he has other issues too) he is now 30... I've learned SO MUCH about the world he lives in spending time with them. I shared a little bit about Abby with her and she said ANYTIME you want, she'd talk with you, share her resources, share her story etc. It may help to give you some ideas as to ways to help Abby, yourself and the guys! :) Just an idea if you'd like... {{HUGS PENNY!}}