Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Days Like these

What  a day. I am so tired.  This morning was Abby's first visit with a neuro-opthamologist in Boston.

A few lessons learned today.

  • Having a six year old  lose her vision is a very hard thing for a child to handle developmentally. 
  • I STILL wait for doctors to tell me that its all been a mistake and Abby doesn't have this problem.  
Abby had a hard time at this appointment. The office at Tufts was great. Abby has just had it today.  Abby did great at first. She was responsive during the vision part of the exam but when eye drops came out she got very upset. She was given two different sets of eye drops.   She completely pushed back.  They got the drops in the eyes but Abby wouldn't stay still anymore.  She kept her eyes shut and they had to pry them open.  Abby is generally a well behaved child. (a joy) 

Abby went on strike.  She refused to be any help with her appointment.  I had to balance my own frustrations to realizing my daughter is breaking on the inside.  

This is Abby's life and I got to respect that (to a point)  We had another doctor's appointment for next week and we are canceling it.  She will having more doctors appointments (some soon) but she really needs us to have less focus on her eyes I am doing everything I can for my daughter.  She deserve this.  Its not longer what is best for Abby but mommy waiting for a doctor to tell her is all some horrible nightmare. 

My heart crushed when instead of solutions for Abby's eye sight problem the doctor focused getting her support for low vision.  There is no magic wand. There isn't any fix.  

We are working with the doctor to work on supplements but beyond that there is not much they can do. 

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