Monday, November 22, 2010

I am blessed.

I am blessed with amazing children. Both of them.   Its not a uncommon occurrence for me to get comments from complete strangers how well behaved my children are.  I am honestly not bragging. I don't think we did anything special with them.  They are just two children with naturally good temperaments.   

I am so proud of them when we got to teacher conferences and both children are talked about so nicely by their teacher.  

Its has amazed me how well BOTH Abby and Sam have been dealing with Abby losing her vision.  Sam is understanding times he was never was understanding before.  He watches out for his sister in ways he never did before. Its amazing. It used to Abby who would watch out for Sam. 

I don't think I will ever quite understand how Abby is adjusting as well as she is.  We know that won't always be the case but right now we are just amazed by how she is coping.   She still wakes up with a smile.  She doesn't sit around in her sorrows. She adapts. She is amazing. I never thought my daughter would become my hero. 

Today a group of girls walked quickly by Abby.  She turned calling  a friends name. Not only had they already gone but her friend wasn't even in the group.  She just shrugged it off. To me it was a shocking example of how much my daughter has lost.  To Abby it was just part of her new life. 

I am so proud and lucky to both of my children's mother.  Its an honor. 

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Jennifer Hurley said...

I am consistently left in tears when I read these. Your children are amazing Penny! I have learned through my own children how truly resilient they can be and we didn't struggle with nearly as much as you all are. You are a wonderful mother and your family is always in my prayers!

Love always!