Monday, December 6, 2010

Life's New Words.

Teacher for the Vision Impaired
Orientation and Mobility
Long Cane
Extended Core Curriculum
Nemeth Code
These are just some of the new words and terms I have learned and become  part of my life the last few weeks. These are words that meant little to me before but now they have such a larger role in our life.

One of the big things Abby has done recent is last weekend she participated in a program at a local blind school.  She spent the whole weekend with other children with visual impairments.   It was amazing.  She also made some a special friendship.
Abby reading Braille
 Abby is learning Braille in school and is making great progress.  Abby is lucky because Braille instruction is in decline.  Braille is going to open up her world and keep her on grade level.  

Abby in a few weeks will be getting a cane to use to help her with getting around (especially in new environments)

So many big changes going on but all full of adventure and fun. Another parent sent me "Welcome to Holland" shortly after we received Abby's diagnosis and at the time It didn't seem to fit. It didn't make any sense to me.  Now .. now I get it. 


Tricia said...

I read "Welcome to Holland" It is a clear positive way to look at what the future can be.

Kimberley said...

I'm so glad Abby is getting the help she needs now, when the time is right. I've been blind since birth, but didn't get any real help until I was about 12 yrs old.

I think a lot of people totally underestimate the importance of braille now that technology allows you to get by (for the most part) without it. Sitting down and actually reading something instead of just listening to it is a huge deal though, and if you don't know braille, all of the braille signs in a person'e environment are useless.

I don't have enough feeling in my hands to read braille anymore (after a spinal cord injury), and one of the things I miss most is relaxing with a good book (or even with a bad one!). I actualy miss reading braille more than I miss walking...

I've heard so many parents say that their child can read large print (even though they tire quickly), so there is no poit in learning braille. This completely saddens me! These kids could have the opportunity to keep up with their peers when reading, and it could be so much easier if they knew braille.

Sadly you're right. It seems to be slipping into the abyss.

It's also great that she got to spend some time with other kids who are her own age, and also have low vision. It's amazing how somethign so simple can make you feel and how much confidence you can gain from it!