Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Braille Basics

Yesterday we took home a Perkins Brailler and today Abby got her first homework assignment from her TVI (Teacher of the Visually Impaired).  Its fun to learn this along with her.  Its amazing how much she is understanding.  Braille is going to open up lots of things for her. While she can see enlarged text is very difficult for her to get any fluency  from it and she can't read what she writes. Which is why the school is focusing on Braille instead of just magnifying her text. Abby's age is  also a factor since she was just at the beginning stages of literacy when she lost must of her sight.

The following picture is a Braille cell.

On the Brailler there is six keys that matches up a number in a braille cell.   So when Abby write an a lower case A she hits the 1 key. 
(pictures of Abby using Brailler) 

                                             (Abby in Braille using a lower case A)

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