Monday, December 27, 2010

Adventures in Christmas

I love Christmas. I have since before I could remember.  Its genetic my father loved Christmas.  This year was more different then any other. It wasn't bad it was just different. With new things all a little different.

The tree never really got its decorating finishing this year.(it was half decorated poor angel never made it on top)    We put our tree in three season sun room  (off our living room) and this year I really wanted it in the living room this year.   We decided to again put it in the sun room this year and see how its goes. (there is a lot of benefits to it being in the sun room) I felt the tree in the living room would be closer so Abby could enjoy it more.  (We are going to have it in the living room next year) Well its cold in the sun room. (one of the reasons we put it there a frozen Christmas Tree doesn't go  We never really finished it.  I realized on Christmas Eve it wasn't finished. 

Abby has recently joined the children choir.  Part of my plan to bring her music since she has lost so much of her vision.  On Christmas Eve she sang and it went very  but there was this one part where the children all went to sit with their parents when I realized my daughter was 'stuck' up front.  It all worked out but I was so scared she was upset. (she was fine)  I was so proud of her though.  I let her 'go'.  She was independent enough walk in with her group.  I am so proud.  Its just always something that apart of what she does. There isn't some  normal child activity  where I can drop her off with out going through her vision disability.  

We got back from church and decorated a gingerbread house and made cookies. Abby was so cute and she took a bunch of pictures during our gingerbread house build.  She actually didn't do that bad.  We had a great night.  I took note how much she enjoyed the tactile activity of building. (new tradition for sure) Then they were sent off to bed.  

Christmas morning was like most how Christmas morning is for most children.  The only exception being when she got up and ran to the tree She said "where are the presents?"  I had placed the presents in front of the sun room door hoping Abby could see them better that way and she honestly didn't see them at all till I pointed them out to her. It was kinda fun when Abby asked me (very innocently) if there was less presents this year.  There wasn't she couldn't see them all at once. It was funny because I thought I over did a bit this year.  So next year tree in the living room so Abby knows right were to look.   

I thought everything changed this year and really it was just like its always been...a wonderful family Christmas (with a few lessons learned)  I realize I didn't make much point in this blog post.  I wanted to write about our first Christmas since Abby lost her vision.  

Happy Holidays Everyone.  

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Tricia said...

You will face many challenges ... just take one at a time! XOXO