Friday, January 14, 2011

The new normal.

I have come here and started writing different posts many times over the past two weeks.  There is never a day I forgot about Abby's visual impairment.  I sometimes forget for little bits at time. When getting the kids ready for school Abby many times has lost a required item like a hat or a glove.  Its gets very frustrating  and my volume raises and I usually find my self pointing out to her. "ITS RIGHT THERE."  She will look at me confused and will say "Where? "  Then I usually feel really bad about even asking her.  

One of the biggest challenges is getting Abby to be more organized.  She has always been an unorganized child.  Its just part of who she is.  She needs to learn to put things in a proper places that easy to remember its location.  

There is no book you can buy to give you all the answers.  Believe me I have looked.  Keep looking for titles like "Your 6 old Daughter has lost her sight, Now What"   "Dealing with your child's visual loss" "Handbook to vision loss"   sigh... They don't even have books about blindness at all in the bookstore. 

Abby is doing great at times but she still  meets me after school with a sad face.  My beautiful social butterfly is heartbroken that  the drama of friendships at age 6 has gotten much more complicated.    She has some great friends but they really don't understand that Abby can't play tag or hide-and-go-seek. 

I know Abby is going to figure it out. I know she is going to do well its just breaks my heart the simple little things she has lost. 

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