Friday, January 28, 2011

Molly needs a cane too.

Abby loves American Girl dolls. She currently has 5. Now mind you I said currently and she does have a birthday in a few weeks.

When I realized Abby was going to be getting a cane I started a search for an American Girl white cane. I couldn't find any at all.  Not directly from American Girl or on the secondary market. I got conflicting reports that American Girl used to have a cane many years. I really wanted Abby to have one.   I realized that it wouln't be that hard to make one.  So I made two.

 Doesn't she look happy?  Abby loves them. It was great to make for something special  for Abby.  It only cost a few dollars for each one. To make your own  you only have to do the following:

  • Wooden dowel of appropriate size. I was able to buy a pack of six for only .98
  • black and red electrical tape
  • white craft paint 
  • a paint brush
  • cord of black fabric (i actually got mine from a gift bag)

It only took me a few minutes after the paint dried to apply the tape. I just taped the cord to the stick and wrapping it down to what seemed to be the appropriate length and then applied two rows of red tape at the bottom.


LindaLee said...

You have the craft gene, you made something awesome with love from your heart that put a smile on Abby's face and thats GREAT!

Tricia said...


It looks great! Maybe you should make extra, so Abby can give it to a friend that like AG. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Too cool! They do a Gingerbread Lane fundraiser here for the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired where there are little white canes mixed in with the Christmas garlands--I thought they were pretty neat and was wondering how to make my own. Thanks!!