Saturday, February 12, 2011

The best things in life are free*.

(well free is the wrong word. Someone is paying for these great programs. THANK YOU)
I have recently found some great programs that encourage Braille literacy.  

Abby has struggled learning a skill her classmates  aren't learning. Programs like this are such motivators. 

1. NFB Reading Pals Program. Its a program that enrages early braille literacy for ages 7 and under. 
My daughter got so exited to have a little 'pal' to read Braille with. 

2. ReadBooks from the National Braille Press for birth to age 7
The bag was amazing.  It was stuffed with goodies. For the child and parent. She is going to use the bag that it came with to keep her Braille books in it and bring them back and forth between school.   The NBP is also a great resource for buying braille books.  They do a beautiful job.  The books are also reasonably priced.

3. Seedlings Book Angel Program. 
You can register to get 2 Braille books a year for your child. 
Seedlings is also another resource for getting inexpensive Braille books.

More programs..

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