Thursday, February 24, 2011

Worst Birthday EVER!!

Abby turned 7 this past weekend. We had a full weekend planned with lots of excitement.  Most of the weekend had to be scrapped though because Abby became ill.  She told me a few times that this was the "Worst Birthday Ever".  She really loves to be a little over dramatic but she really did not enjoy herself one bit.

It  just broke my heart. You can't plan when you are going to end up unwell.  It was just sad that for all the weekends during the year Abby's birthday weekend was the one that she had to not feel so good. 

She will forgot with time how horrible it all was. I have a VERY special outing planned in a few weeks for her birthday and we still have her birthday dinner coming up.

I can't help but think of her birthday last year. She had a party with lot of school friends.  It was a great time.  (we always do parties every other year and plan a special outing on the 'off' year) Last year she had normal vision. She didn't have the cares she does now. Her life was just more simple.

So looking back perhaps this birthday was the worst for it was the first birthday since the vision loss.

I am so proud being Abby's mother it doesn't mean my heart still doesn't break.

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holly said...

Bummer. that is no fun at all :o(