Sunday, December 19, 2010

Homework Struggles

Wow we struggled with Braille homework tonight.  She gets upset sometimes that everyone else doesn't have to do this work when she does.   She is learning so quickly though.  I am so proud of her.  Is amazing how much progress she makes in just a week.  

She has learned the whole Braille alphabet. She can write it and read it.  She has moved on to words and its a bit more of a struggle but she is learning quickly.  She is being introduced to Braille grade 2 . Braille grade 1 is the alphabet with the words spelled out with each letter.  Braille grade 2 uses contractions (shorter versions of words), like e is braille grade 2 for every.  

Its all a lot for Abby to take on but really she can handle it but like every child homework is not fun.  So mommy and Abby didn't' have a fun hour while we got through her assignment that should have taken her 20 minutes. 

She just likes to prove she is still very a much a normal 6 year old.


Anonymous said...

Definitely still a normal 6 year old when it comes to homework. :-) She is such a smart kiddo.


Tricia said...

Much of this is just getting her to do the Homework. Maybe now is the time to teach do little each day on the weekend. (Instead of most on Sunday) She is amazing!

Kim said...

Have you tried turning it into something fun? How about telling her that it can be used as a secret code for you and her to pass notes back and forth?

If you are learning too, have some treasure hunts with braille messages, or make cards that have words in grade 1 and grade 2 braille that yo both can match to each other. You could also make up some mad libs type games.

If you have fun with it, she won't even realize it's "work" at all!