Friday, November 5, 2010

Detective Abby

I have realized my bright little girl is a detective.   It has started to become clear that Abby doesn't see the details of peoples faces anymore.   She says she can see her parents faces very clear (which is very sweet)  Everyone else is very hard to tell who they are by their faces.  She has started to use clues to figure people out.  Clothes, hair color.   We were walking to the car after school and passed a girl with a poofy hair and Abby saw her and said hello. She knew who she was by her hair shape and the clothes she had on.

She says some people are easier to figure out then others.  If they have uncommon shape or color to their hair she has the most luck with them.  Its amazing.  She doesn't think must about it she just does it. She also has a really hard time talking about it and these details come out slowly.

So its amazing and really sad at the same time.

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