Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wonder under the big top.

We had a great time today at the Big Apple Circus. We went to the Boston performance of the Circus of Senses.

They offer a free show to visually impaired children and their families.  They had these special headsets that gave the visually impaired a complete narrative of whats going. Abby felt completely involved, I loved watching her giggle and laugh and she was not even facing where the action was many of the times.  She couldn't' really see what was going on.  She can see movement and lights.  She really loved it.  I loved hearing the other kids giggle and laugh too.  The whole family had a very special time together where we all could enjoy something special.

There was a point that when I looked at Abby at one point she had the beautiful look of wonder on her face.  I don't see that as often anymore. She is still learning how to be less visually dependent.   I started to cry it was so beautiful. Thank You Big Apple Circus.

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Ksenia said...

I saw the link to your blog on your facebook page (via Big Apple Cirus Facebook's page).
You have such a beautiful girl! Big hugs to you guys! I will be follwing your blog :)