Thursday, April 21, 2011

Abby the teacher.

Abby is doing an wonderful job learning Braille. Its slowly opening the door more for her to have access to the education everyone else receives.  The educational world is designed to teach children visually.  Abby is slowly becoming less and less a visually dependent learner.  She is already requesting books with 'fake stories'  (fiction).  Soon she will be able to curl up with a book like her brother and just read because she wants to.

Abby is getting better at expressing what it means to be blind.  I find it a step in helping her self advocate for herself, which is a very important skill . She still deals with a little embarrassment usually involving her cane.  She wants to be like everyone else she hasn't realized yet that everyone is different in some way or another. Sometimes she likes to pretend she is sighted.  I am find it more has to do with how other people treat her.  She isn't broken but many people still treat her like she is made out of glass.

Abby took part in her school's health fair yesterday.  She brailled peoples names.  She did a great job.  She actually was very proud.  I think she is starting to realize that while learning Braille these last few months has been hard its actually pretty special. I am encouraging her to talk about it more. She not only can educate others but its really helping her realize she has nothing to be embarrassed about.  She can read with her fingers can you?

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Ksenia said...

How awesome! Great job, Abby!!!