Friday, April 15, 2011

The Quest for role models.

One of the things I realized early on is that I need to help Abby find role models. People who are blind have done amazing things. There are also some sighted people that can inspire Abby too. Its about Abby seeing the opportunities in her life not the limitations.  They can be blind or sighted.  They can be famous, a family member, or just someone they meet that inspires them.  Abby was concerned about using a cane and being laughed at a few months ago. She met a blind peer who used a cane and she hasn't really had a problem with it since.  Thats the magic of role models.

Today we had the chance to learn about Fanny Crosby.  A very prolific hymn and poem writer. Who lived more then a hundred years ago. She was also blind.   Abby really seemed to understand and enjoy learning about Fanny.  What she was able to overcome and what she was able to do. We also got to meet a really nice high school senior who had a wonderful guide dog Otis.  She was so kind to Abby.  Went we first met her Otis was working but she took off his harness and brought him over to Abby so she could meet him.  Learning about Fanny and meeting this young woman were both so important to Abby.

Abby's world is opening up everyday of the things she is going to be able to do. She is realizing her challenges are not as big as she first thought. Nothing is going to hold Abby back.

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