Monday, April 25, 2011

Blind is not 4 letter word.

Abby is blind.  I realize some people get confused with that. Many people when they hear blind hear "no vision" Abby does have some vision. I like to say Abby has enough vision to get herself in trouble.  Sometimes the vision is more usable then other times. .

Abby inspecting an candy on Easter.
She is still blind.  I used to use "visually impaired" more often.  People get that. They get when they hear visually impaired that it could mean some sight.  I still use it but really I find blind better at describing Abby. While she doesn't always 'look blind'  that doesn't change that she is.   It has a lot more to do with how one functions in a sighted world. She can not read text at all (well if its too her nose and its big enough she can see some)  She can pass right by me in a crowded room.  She can easily get lost with me  just a few yards from her.

Society has made blind a bad word. Being blind is a condition that is feared by many people more then other much worse conditions.    When people talk in hushed tones around Abby she picks up on that and feels she has something to be ashamed of. Abby will hide her cane sometimes in pictures because she is still embarrassed.  Abby shouldn't feel  ashamed that she is blind. Its just something that is part of who she is like her blue eyes and her bubbly personality.    She should be proud she is reading (in braille)  She should feel proud she is moves about safety (with a cane).  She should haven't to worry that someone is going to see her as broken just because she experiences the world different then others.

I can get Abby the tools she needs to be successful, Its harder for me to change the world's opinion of blindness.

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Ksenia said...

This was an interesting post. Thank you.
It looks like Abby had fun on Easter! :) What a lovely dress!

Anonymous said...

Damn straight