Sunday, April 10, 2011


Abby has always been independent. Since she was a very active toddler she has wanted to do everything herself.  I have always worked hard at trying to teach her how to be safe and no make crazy choices.  Sometimes that didn't go so well.

Breaking in the fridge
Doll and Girl   yogurt maska.
This trait caused  some many disagreements and MANY messes. (I have hundreds of these pictures. These crazy mad cap adventures STILL happen with Abby everyday.)

Abby does struggle at times doing things that used to be easier but thankfully she hasn't lost the desire to do to them.  I feel I have to let her do things herself or help her learn the steps to do them safely. Its a really hard thing to do.  I think this is true for all parents and children. 

Abby has taken a liking to oatmeal recently.  She wants to prepare it all by herself.   I help her still but I let her do most of it.  The only thing she really needs help right now with is the very hot water.  When challange comes up like using the microwave I find ways to help Abby do them herself. 

 I am working very hard letting Abby 'go' and do things more independently. To do the things that other kids do  I can't wrap her in bubble wrap. 
Yes that is Abby going up and getting to the top of  a climbing rock wall. She had to feel for each footing and hand rest.  I asked her and she didn't really see anything. She just kept going for it. I am so proud of her. If you watch the video she has some issues but she kept going. She didn't give up.  This is so much like Abby every single day.  She struggles but keeps going.  She has a problem with something she practices and goes for it.   This was Abby's second time on a rock climbing wall. The first was 15 minutes before this video was taken.  The first time she just went for it too.  

You can hear me cheering Abby along.  Actually you don't hear me until half way.  I waited till she needed it.  Abby is the one that is in control of this journey.  I can't make her independent. That is something Abby needs to do herself.  I am only in a supporting role.  Abby is the one that is living this.

It is hard on Abby that she needs some reliance on others due to her visual impairment. She fighting a bit of the help she gets at school but she knows right now she needs it because in a few years she won't need it at all.  Abby waits around for no one.


Tracy Goyette said...

It sounds like Abby is an extraordinary girl and you are also an extraordinary mom too. I can't wait to meet you both.

Anonymous said...

What a fighter! Good Work, Abby!

Melanie said...

Yet again, I find myself with teary eyes! Not in a 'feeling badly' way, but in the love and support Abby gets daily!! You are providing her with so many opportunities to grow in independence and it is beautiful!! I'd be sooo tempted to keep her in a 'cotton ball world' and keep her safe! I am continually awed with the progress she and all of you are making! God made the right choice in choosing you to be her mom! :)