Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Girl.

So much has changed the last few months but she is still the same feisty lovable girl she was before.  Abby's vision issues added an extra layer to many parts of her life but much hasn't really changed.   She still has a bit of temper.  She can be really sweet.  She is a good friend.   She loves to dress up and be girly. She loves to watch TV (she now just watches it with her nose an inch from the screen). 

I really think less has changed for her then it has changed for us.  Abby has never stopped just living life.  Her concerns have less to do with her vision and more to do with her friends at school.  

She is still just a little girl and my goal is not to get that lost when I am focusing on vision. 

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holly said...

Sometimes I regret the worries and fears that have robbed me from cherishing life's irreversible moments. I missed a lot of Elsa’s newborn days wondering how her life would be instead of basking in the moment. And doesn't it amaze you how some days the struggles seem invisible and others they are monstrous?