Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding my way out of the maze.

Me with my hero Abby.
The last few months have gone by so quickly.  I feel like I have been running around trying to find out information and I got lost some where from underneath it all. I am hungry for information about Abby condition, about other children who have visual impairments, about other children learning braille, navigating the special education services, looking for related organizations, and information about programs and services out there that can be of help to us.  

I have found so many great things: A community of people who are affected by the same disease, other parents of blind and visually impaired children, organizations that supply free Braille books and becoming part of organizations that are related so Abby and I don't feel so alone in this world. 

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed lost in it all.  I feel like I have missed so much. That I am simply not doing enough. Today almost 5 months from our diagnosis I am still find useful and relevant information. 

I am a parent. Its my job to help Abby navigate through all this so that she has all the tools she needs to be a success.
I have updated all the articles on the top bar (ie Through Abby's Eyes, Resources....)


holly said...

I can totally relate. It amazes me how the information keeps trickling in! Probably helps my pea brain from overloading :0)
But I am loving the connection from others in similar situations, always enjoying your updates here and on the BVI emails.

Penny said...

ahh Thank you Holly. I supose if someone sat down and gave me everything all at once I wouldn't have been able to handle it. Also I realize some things I am just not ready for when I first find it. I didn't know when we realized Abby was having issues with vision that I would find everything I know now.