Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mobility Abby Style

One of the biggest challenges with helping Abby adjusting to her vision loss has been to teach her to be safe.  Abby benefits greatly with still has what seems to be pretty functional peripheral vision,  Abby has always been my risk taker.  She is always willing to try anything once.  Sometimes thats not a good mix for a 7 year old.
using cane on sidewalk
using cane on stairs
Its not a bad thing ether its just about the balance. Thankfully Abby is getting orientation and mobility training.   As with all her vision loss related instruction she fights.    We show up today knowing she is there to work and really tries to push the limits.  She isn't horrible she just tries to touch everything she can get her hands on and doesn't listen.  One thing I have learned is to walk away.  I leave her.  I love watching her orientation and mobility training but she does better when I'm not there.  

Abby does do well with the cane. I notice she will use it when she feels she needs it.  Sometimes she NEEDS it more times then other times.  Its a process and I know that its going to be another tool to help her be successful.  A cane is not a sign of disability but a sign of independence. 
Abby just looking cute with the cane

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Melanie said...

Good for you Penny!! :) I LOVE THAT STATEMENT "A cane isn't a sign of a disability, it's a sign of independence!" With this positive outlook you will all go sooo far in helping Abby and she will go far because of it!! :) I have a cousin who is hard of hearing, not deaf but 70% deaf... because of the stance her mom & grandmother took (the "poor baby" route)all of our growing up years, she still is very self conscience about it and won't get herself the help she needs to hear better. :(
I'm sharing this with you so you can see how much of a gift you are giving to Abby with your outlook about all this!! :) You are a huge blessing to that little girl!