Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fantastic Day!

Its rainy yucky weather outside and I  a horrible cold but today is a fantastic day.

Two big things happened today for Abby.

Her class has 'library' once a week.  Some weeks at library is actually computer.  The kids learn early computer literacy skills.  Today her TVI made a computer accessible to Abby with an magnifier and text to speech software. (Zoom text with reader)  Abby is so excited.   I can't wait to set a computer up for her at home.

The other very special thing today is Abby brought home two books she has read at school.  Let me say again. Two books Abby has read at school.  They Brailled some early readers for Abby and she has been READING them. They are the simple repeating books but she is READING them. A reader. Abby.  I am so happy.  Overjoyed. What a special achievement for her. I am so proud  of her. With some more practice she will be breezing through books.


Sandra said...

that's so wonderful Penny!

Tricia said...

Tears .. OF JOY! I can feel your emotions! xoxo