Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homework ugg.

We are slowly getting into the grove of things for the new school year.   Abby has homework Monday through Thursday night.  This includes reading, writing and math will be added soon.  Sometimes it leaves us both in tears. We are working on it.

I realize a few things with homework. Abby can't read when she is tired.  I need to have her do the reading part before 5 or I will have to give up if we start homework later. She actually reads pretty good when she is focused.

Abby doing her homework at the beach. Using her Perkins Brailler 
I realized if I am getting frustrated its time to back down.  She is doing well and gets better at doing her tasks everyday.  I look forward to the day reading isn't a struggle.  Its so funny because she does great with writing.  She even took her brailler on a weekend trip to the beach.


Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Shayla and i am 22 years old. several weeks ago i stumbled onto Abby's site and was inspired to hear her story. She seems like a very happy, and talented little girl. For her to become vision impaired so recently, she's really making excellant progress! I wish you best of luck know and in years to come. God must have a special purpose for Abby. I have a friend named Ginger and she's blind too, she has Retinoblastoma, a rare form of childhood eye cancer. Lately, she has been reporting that she can see a little when her mom takes her for eye exams. I pray her sight returns all the way. God works miracels!
I was born premature at 27 weeks and also developed Retinopathy Of Prematurity. and almost went completely blind. Dr. Arnold of Alaska saved my sight with laser eye surgery. Because of this, i was the 1st preemie in Alaska to be saved from blindness. Sadely, the treatment isn't working anymore and more babies are going blind. I believe God allowed me to see so I couls proove ROP can be cured for all preemies. Thank you for letting me share MY STORY. God bless you always, and His heavenly angels surround you! P.S please continue to add more pictures of abby. I enjoy the stories and am inspired by your daughter and son. If youd like to know who and what Dr. Arnold looks like please visit. the alaska blind child discovery project site. He is a wonderful Man. God Bless you again!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Shayla,

i recently found out I have an uncle who is leagally blind. He said he could see well enough to know there was a police car in front of him so he took out his cane and started banging on it. he pretended like he couldn't see and said ''what is this in front of me?'' Well, the police man came over to him and politely led him around the vehichal. because he was blind, the police man didn't mean him any harm for beating up his car. He just let my uncle go. I guess you could say my uncle seceetly doesn't like police men. Lol. I hope you enjoy this story. I know we did when my family and I started laughing. God bless you Abby and Family.