Friday, September 23, 2011

In the classroom.

Abby was in tears when I picked her up at school.  She was 'pulled out' of her classroom during her favorite time of the whole day.  Her wonderful classroom teachers reads to the class a new chapter in a book at the end of school.

A random picture Abby took  herself with my camera
This is common for a school age child who has some special education services. My son Sam used to deal with being upset during the fun free time for Speech and Language services.  I hear a lot from Abby about little things she missed here and there.

Its hard. Abby is an active member of her classroom. All blind and visually impaired children are.  I also know she can't handle many services outside of the school day. It gets to be too much for her. She get orientation and mobility right now after school once a week. She gets most of the vital services she needs during the school day.  As a parent I need to find this balance.  When do I speak up (this time I did).  When do I explain to Abby that sometimes she needs to leave the classroom so down the road she can take part of the class more actively.

Oh I was able to download the audio book from the National Library Service BARD so she can listen to the chapter and to be caught up with her class.

It can be very exhausting  to move from one issue to another issue.  I realize this is just the start of an amazing, challenging journey and one day Abby (and Sam) are simply not going to need me like this anymore.

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