Tuesday, August 30, 2011

new school year jitters.

Today the kids started school for a new year. Abby into 2nd Grade and Sam into 4th.  Sam really already seems to have transitioned quickly into a a new classroom.
Sam getting ready for a great new school year. 
Abby had a great first day of school with lots of adjustments.  A new classroom, a new teacher, new rules and two new paraprofessionals.  I have a good vibe for this year and remain very hopeful . The biggest challenge Abby has is she needs to become stronger in reading.  Abby wants to be a 'super reader' NOW.  She is becoming frustrated with the time and practice it takes to get there.   Its a balance. She is in a hard phase. She goes back and forth between a reading issue (word blending, letter sounds,) to braille issues (contractions, and letter recognition)  It all takes practice and I know she will do well.
Abby ready for a new year.
 She was very excited and she picked out a bunch of books from home she wanted to bring into to school and keep there.  It was the first time she seemed excited about school the whole summer. (by the way she had a great summer and i will blog it all soon)  

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