Wednesday, August 3, 2011


No is such a simple word. Its also a strong word.  Its a black and white word.

This past week when inquiring about a children's art class I was told that "Its not safe for someone who doesn't see" and "your son would welcome to sign up"

Words hurt. Its doesn't make it any less hurtful when the person didn't know what she was talking about.  That I am sure if I had pursued it she would not have been denied entry into the class if there was space. It just hurts.    

My son will never forgot that someone didn't think his sister could do something. Something even he knows she would do.  I will never forgot the first time that someone didn't believe my child could do something just because she is blind. 


Tricia said...

Penny, Abby will persevere she is strong, independent and stubborn. The ignorance of people out there will only push her to become the future ...... (what ever her dream is) !!!

jennohara said...

Wow...I can't even beleive this!! What discrimination...

I'm glad I found your site. My daughter is legally blind, and I find it so encouraging to find other moms of blind kids out there. Thanks for you blog!

Ksenia said...

This is terrible! I'm so sorry you had to deal with something like this!

Come over to my house and I will let her paint and do other arts and crafts! I do not doubt that she would be able to do it all!

Jessica said...

I saw your blog on TopMommyBlogs! So glad you are there too.

I want to get the story of blind kids like ours out there so people understand that our kids can do anything!

Why would I blind kid not be able to take an art class? That doesn't even make sense.