Monday, November 12, 2012

I want some Questions..

Does anyone have any questions?  I have answers.. Ask any questions. About me? Abby? My son Sam? Parenting a blind child? About the condition that runs in our family that caused Abby's blindness?   Ask away.. Do you have ideas for a future blog post? Here is your chance.  I promise I will be posting some more blogs soon I have at least three three half written in my head already.  Ask your questions in the comments if for some reason you have issues leaving a comment please feel to ask them in twitter @penny_nh or email them to me penny  . Some of the comment asked I may use in future blog posts.
Abby at the NFB Independence Market,,, because the Independence Market is cool... alt text: cute school age girl with a yellow shirt and blue skirt holding long white cane with shelf of merchandise behind her. 

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