Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Braille is not scary.. `

I can still remember the day that I found out Abby was going to need to learn Braille. I was petrified. I didn't understand braille.  How was I going to help her learn? Is there anything more strange and odd than braille a bunch of bump that some how equal letters??  It seemed like I was going to be denied the chance to help my daughter become a reader.  I was so sad.   I love reading. Our son learned to read spontaneously but I was so excited about helping Abby to read.

Abby loves to read. alt text: a girl is reading braille from a book

I think its a common misunderstanding that a parent who doesn't read braille can't help their blind child to learn to read. That they can't help their child with homework.  You would be surprised how much I have picked up though the last two years with out even trying. I do know most of the alphabet.   I also have developed a pretty good understand when a word will have a contraction in it.  I may not know the contraction but I understand there is a contraction(s) in the word. I can write my daughter a small note using letter and contractions guides but Abby calls that cheating.  

In the early days I would work with Abby every night to help her learn the alphabet and work on her tactile sensitivity. (flashback: http://visionfora.blogspot.com/2011/01/adventures-in-braille-good-day.html )

Braille is NOT a different language.  Its just the tactile version of print.

Its wonderful when a parent learns braille but its also very important that the parent doesn't hold a child's reading back because they are behind.  Most kids are going to learn a lot faster then their parents because kids are sponges that soak things up. Just wind the kid up and let them go.

I was so happy when I realize the school was going to send home print versions of homework with the Braille ones.  I have never felt like I was unable to help my daughter with her homework at all.

When we read together and she comes upon a word she struggles with I can tell if its a contraction holding her back or an issue reading the word.
There is lot of print/braille books out there that helps A LOT with beginning readers.  I used to be so scared of the stage when the braille books don't have print at all.  I thought it was an end than I realized I just had to find a print version of the book. It also showed me there would be a time SOON that Abby wasn't going to need my help with reading at all.

Its not scary. Braille is fun.  I love learning more about. Its truly beautiful. I love running my fingers over a page of Braille and I love trying to read it.  I am determined get my Braille skills up but I also know that even as a novice I can still help Abby become a strong reader.

Braille I Like It https://nfb.org//images/nfb/publications/fr/fr31/3/fr310307.htm

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