Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Homemade Tactile Drawing Board

I made Abby a tactile drawing board.  This is not an idea I made up myself. Actually parents and teachers have been making these for years.   I saw one at the NFB convention in July.   Its simple and Abby loves it.  Sometimes with kids its the simple things.

I realized a few days ago I had all the supplies at home to make one so it didn't cost me anything.  If I had to buy materials it wouldn't have cost that much money ether.  

All I used was

a piece of cardboard larger than a piece of paper (I used to because mine was thin)
Duct tape
screening (like window screening)
scissors (to cut the screening and cardboard)

I had this coated plastic screening already but the metal stuff would have worked great too and I still may do one using that kind of screening.  Different materials would give a different texture and impression.  Abby has used crayons, colored pencils and markers on hers already. She gets excited about how different they all work with it. (when you flip the paper over you can feel the picture on the other size)  You simply color/draw over the screening.  It doesn't just give a the user texture feel but it makes a sound when use it and it vibrates the writing instrument while in use.

I like being able to do things like this for my daughter.

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jennohara said...

Awesome! I love seeing new things to do like this!
My daughter is legally blind as well. Her visual problem is undiagnosed. I'm always looking for families of visually impaired children, so I'm so glad I found you!
Your daughter is beautiful.