Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We All Have a Voice.

My speech from the 2012 NOPBC Conference at the NFB National Convention was published in the newest Future Reflections

It reminded me about all the work I still have to do.   

The full issue can be viewed here:

To subscribe to Future Reflections  -----> https://nfb.org/future-reflections

Here is the links to my two other stories in Future Reflections 

A Black & White picture of Abby on the beach with her cane. Not really related to this post but cute. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

December 6, 2012
6:12 P.M. Alaskan Time

Dear Duffy Family,
When I first took sight of your blog I was sad for Abby becoming blind, but like a kind young lady I am I can truely see that your Daughter has come so far fro where she started after her loss. My sadness slowely melted away and now I am happy for her. Such a beautiful black/white photo of your Daughter and of who she is as a living soul: beautiful, smart and brave of heart.

God bles you all!
Your Friend,
Shayla Kay McCartney