Friday, August 31, 2012

The last few days

I wanted to share that its been a crazy last few days.  The last blog about the musuem visit. spured a front page story on the newspaper which spouted two telivision news stories. There is also two stories on internet site The Stir and on Huffington Post.

I will try and post more but the Huffington Post article has links to most of the stories.


Celeste said...

I have thought of your story all day...we have been fighting our school system and they have worn me out. For 3 months we had an iep with hospital homebound and they failed to send a teacher. We have had our daughter knocked over by people while walking with her cane. We have been denied O&M. I am so tired of fighting. I appreciate your story. I pray your daughter is encouraged to know she is making a difference in the lives of many other children.

Anonymous said...

The video you linked to was well done--you both looked great in it! My only concern is that so many of the articles/videos are calling it a "walking stick." What's up with that?

BTW--I think you are handling all of this BEAUTIFULLY. Well done.

Penny said...

Lol well I didn't call it a walking stick that's for sure