Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Time

Well Summer has officially started. School is out and now the craziness begins.

Sam is having a pretty low key summer.  One of my goals for him this summer is to spend more time outside.  He is also going to a science day camp.  He has done this camp for 4 years.

Its fun to read. 

Abby is pretty busy.  Abby and I are going to the National Federation of the Blind's annual national convention which this year is in Dallas Tx. We had a great time last year and we are excited about this years convention.

Than Abby is coming home for a few weeks of reading and braille tutoring and and even some fun with some other braille students in our school district.  Abby's teacher for the blind and visually impaired is WONDERFUL.
Summer Reading. 
THAN Abby got accepted to the NFB Project Innovation science program.  (http://www.blindscience.org/ncbys/Project_Innovation.asp?SnID=1593113378)  She will be going to Baltimore a the end of July. (I get to tag along to)  She has been working on this program for few weeks now and if anyone is interested you can check out her blog that includes some video entries too. http://princessabbydpi.wordpress.com/

When we return  home to hopefully  calm down and enjoy the last few weeks in August.  Than school starts again.. Wow makes me tired just thinking about it.

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