Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A simple solution.

Abby has has quite a few white canes.  She would put them in a corner by the front door.  There was a hook but it wasn't effective.   They ended up all over the floor and made a mess. They would get stepped on, people tripped over them and canes would get misplaced.   I had been looking for a better way to manage them.  I found an item in a store that was meant for organizing all those long thin handled garden tools. Chris installed the it a few days ago and it was a success.  No more canes on the floor.


Perpetually tired... said...

Great idea!!! :)

Perpetually tired... said...

Will you be going to the Big Apple Circus this year?

Faye said...

That's actually a good idea! We keep the canes by the door, as well as the guide dog's harness. We use different size hooks (the harness requires a bigger one than the canes) and my son's canes are so much shorter than my husband's canes. Thanks for posting!