Friday, February 17, 2012

Adventures In Reading: Brave Norman

Abby has been reading a book a week for her reading for homework.  This week she read "Pets to the Rescue: Brave Norman" . Abby loves stories about animals so I ordered it when I was doing a Seedlings order. Its a great story.  Its a beginning reader so it was perfect for Abby. The story line was great and I really recommend the story to everyone.  Its a TRUE story about a dog named Norman that goes blind.  Norman saves a girl who is drowning.

Abby loves adventures.
Abby loved hearing Norman's story. She related to Norman a little too.  She is really seeing how reading can be fun.

Brave Norman at Seedling in contracted braille

Print version of Brave Norman at Amazon


Jessica said...

She has really come a long way. I'm so happy to hear she is enjoying reading now. I love a great braille success story:)

kathyl said...

Dear Abby, I am in third grade and I use sign language. My assistant read the book "Brave Norman" to me, and I loved it. I'm glad you are learning to read. I am learning to read, too! I have a wonderful dog at home named Ruby. Nice to meet you!